An Exceptionally Large Cork Picture of Gripsholm Castle, Sweden

Height: 30 3/4" 78cm
Width: 39" 99.5 cm
Origination: Swedish
Circa: 1880

Part of the Swedish royal family’s heritage, Gripsholm Castle is located on the shores of Lake Mälaren, approximately 70 km west of Stockholm, by the small town of Mariefred in Södermanland. The castle was built for King Gustav Vasa in 1537.

The picture is constructed mainly from cork sheet, with details of the lake and sky being represented in watercolour on paper.

Two notes that accompany the picture provide further information. A hand-written paper label affixed to the rear of the picture frame explains:
‘This remarkable specimen was bought in Brighton January 1918 . . . It was in a cork frame and evidently at least 60 years old. On the frame was the name of this picture as below . . . CRIPSHOLM’.

The second note, a small and worn card tucked into the front of the picture frame, says ‘GRIPSHOLM Chateau Royale Suide, sur une des êles du lac Maclar’. The reason for the annotation in French is not known.

It was in the possession of a family in Brighton whose relations ran a cork importing and manufacturing business in the east end of London during the nineteenth century.

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