A Regency Ormolu Mounted & Brass Inlaid Sofa Table

Depth: 31" 79cm
Length: 64 1/2" 163cm
Origination: English
Circa: 1815

This highly decorative sofa table retains its darkly figured rosewood veneer which has been inlaid with brass decoration. The quality of the additional brass mounts to the base and the consummate skill with which the inlay has been cut into the rosewood are a clear indication of a highly gifted maker, certainly one based in London.

Apart from the quality, this table exhibits knowledge of the most up to date fashions in London in the early 19th century. Indeed, one could suggest that the most plausible maker was Louis le Gaigneur, a cabinet maker working almost exclusively for George IV, who was setting the fashion with his furnishings of Carlton House.

Acquired by Sir Sydney Barratt from Temple Williams Ltd., London, 27 June 1960 (as probably by Louis Constantin Le Gaigneur of Queen Street) and by descent.

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