A Pair of Bronze and Ormolu Candlesticks

Height: 10" 25cm
Diameter: 4" 10cm
Origination: English
Circa: 1810

The pair of candlesticks, modelled in the round, takes the form of a classical “caryatid” column. The three female figures featured on the candlesticks recall the famous caryatid columns from the porch of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis at Athens. These female figures support a triple-spouted burning oil lamp and the candlesticks are decorated with a range of classical motifs from Greek, Roman and Egyptian temple ruins. The bases are raised on three paw feet.

The fashion for ornamental French vase-candlesticks was led by George IV, while Prince of Wales, during the 1790’s embellishment of his Carlton House Palace, and the connoisseur Thomas Hope at his Duchess Street mansion with the assistance of the Paris-trained bronzist Alexis Decaix.