A George III Mahogany Oval Rent Table

Height: 28 1/4" 72cm
Width: 47 1/2" 121cm
Depth: 32 1/4" 82cm
Origination: English
Circa: 1800

This rather elegant mahogany writing table, which is rare being oval, retains an old leather surface and has six drawers to the frieze, each one labelled with letters of the alphabet and retaining its original swan neck handle.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, wealth in the Eighteenth century was largely derived from land ownership. Grand estates were formed; for example it is said that the Spencer family could travel from Althorp, their house in Northamptonshire, all the way to their house in London without stepping off their land, a distance of 65 miles. The farms and buildings on these estates were let out to tenants and the ‘Rent table’ was developed for managing the collection of payments.

By nature of the fact that there were a limited number of these estates, these tables are quite rare. They are also invariably very well made, possibly because they represented the wealth of the estate.

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