A George II Carved Mahogany Side Table

Height: 35 ¼” 90cm
Width: 33” 84cm
Depth: 20” 51cm
Origination: English or possibly Irish
Circa: 1740

A table of great character and some eccentricity.  This gloriously patinated table has a wonderful double shell carved into the frieze and stands slightly higher than is typical. This, combined with the somewhat exaggerated splay to the legs, lends the table far more presence than its small scale would normally merit.

Interestingly, its component parts; the legs, the claw and ball feet the shell and shaped frieze are all very well executed. However, the quirky nature of the overall proportions does suggest a provincial or indeed, Irish origin.  This possibility is supported by the incised line accentuating the curves to the frieze, which creates a strapwork-like effect reminiscent of earlier furniture.  With the time taken for new designs and ideas to filter out from the main centres of manufacture, the eccentric nature of this table and its combination of earlier and more current motifs is explained by its being made outside of London.  In any event, it is a delightful table.





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